Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc.

Capabilities of the Firm

Wetland Identification

- Wetlands Delineation and Mapping    
- Project Site Plan Review
- Mitigation Site Design
- Aerial Photograph Interpretation
- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Field    Verification  
- Monitoring Studies
- Wetland Impact Analysis     
- Public Presentations
- GIS and GPS Mapping Services


Environmental Assessment and Surveys

- Threatened and Endangered Species
- Rare Plant Surveys
- Botanical Surveys
- Moonwort (Botrychium) Surveys
- Northern Leopard Frog Surveys

Stream, Lake and Wildlife Habitat Restoration

- Design of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Projects
- Fish Habitat Restoration
- Wetland Creation and Planting for Birds and Wildlife 
- Pond & Lake Enhancement
- Stream and River Restoration and Enhancement   
- Construction Management
- Planting and Seeding of Mitigation and Restoration Areas  

Water Quality Improvement  

- Wetland Treatment of Stormwater
- Watershed Management Consulting
- Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Reduction  
- Water Quality Investigations
- Erosion Control and Sediment Retention
- Wastewater Treatment

Section 404 Permitting and Mitigation

- Complete Section 404 Permitting Services   
- Mitigation Plan Design
- Nationwide and Individual Section 404 Permits   
- Wetland Creation & Enhancement
- Permitting Strategy Development    
- Army Corps of Engineers Liaison