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Dave's Cave Research - Discovering New Species in the Caves of Colorado

Dave Steinmann is a Zoology Department Research Associate with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, he has discovered over 100 new species in the caves of Colorado, and several of the new species are named after him.

T. steinmanni top photo by Virginia Scott lowres
Typhlogastrura steinmanni from Fulford Cave



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C. steinmanni high res cropped
 Cryptocreagris steinmanni  from Glenwood Caverns.
 O.steinmanni slide copy cropped
 Onychiurus steinmanni  from Hubbards Cave. 

O. nathanieli 2

Onychiurus nathanieli  from No Way Cave.

Harvestmen - immature in Glenwood Caverns 
 Harvestmen, immature, from Glenwood Caverns.
Cave of the Winds New Species of  Milliped cropped WEB
 Albino Milliped, a new species from The Cave of the Winds.
 Dipluran, a new species from Colorado.
 Dipluran, a new species from LaSunder Cave.
Arrhopalites hubbardi High Resolution
Arrhopalites hubbardi, a new species from Glenwood Caverns
Reducturus christianseni, a new genus of springtail from Bair Cave.